Adhesives (Glue, Gum, Hot-Melt), Cellotape, Cellotape-Dispenser

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Cellotape-Dispenser for Best Cellotape Handling on Boxes

Quality Cellotape-Dispenser 

Hot melt adhesive used for fruit trays with very strong carton material and fast machines. Adhesive can be applied with a nozzle, roller or glue wheel....


The  product can also be used for packs with carbonated contents as it is  extremely elastic, even with wet and cold containers.  

Adhesive can be  applied with a nozzle, roller or glue wheel.

PRODUCT DATA: Product type Synthetic polymer-based hotmelt adhesive Viscosity c. 520 mPa.s Melting point/softening point c. 79°C Density 0.97 g/cm³ Colour pale yellow Product form pig pillow PROCESSING TEMPERATURE: 130 - 160 °C SUPPLIED IN/AS: 15 kg carton.  STORAGE: Can be stored for up to 24 months in sealed original containers at  temperatures not > +30°C or < +5°C.

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